Ergonomic Safety Razor Design: Merkur Solingen

Since 1906, Merkur is a leading worldwide manufacturer of quality shaving equipment. The Merkur Solingen company is a subsidiary of DOVO Solingen Steelware, headquartered in Solingen, Germany specialising in men’s grooming products.

Merkur is recommended as one of the best starter razors, having a long history and a great reputation for their shaving performance. Merkur brand is the world’s leading razor company offering super-premium platinum blades and 100% metal shavers with balanced ergonomic designs.

Merkur 23C is known as the “Long Classic”, having a handle for superior shaving control and grip. Its open comb and lightweight DE head is ideal for coarse beards and long hair. Many users compliment its balance of handle length to head weight and the ease of finding the right angle which the razor cuts best. It is delivering a quality, silky smooth shaves. Excellent starter razor to perfect shaving technique that will last for years.

Merkur Futur - German for “future,” the Futur - mid-range adjustable razors. Merkur Futur tout a more contemporary and elegant visage. Its smooth finish across the entire body of the razor lacks the standard knurling or patterns on the grip of the razor handle and providing the comfortable heft, balance and solid feel sought. 

The adjustable Futur’s cutting head allows the shaver to easily tune the aggressiveness of the razor. The handle has numbered adjustment settings between 1 to 6, highlighting a smaller or larger blade gap. The smallest is 1 while the most aggressive is 6. A newcomer to the Futur should start at 1 and gradually increase the blade exposure to find the most suitable aggression for his skin type and beard density. 

Offering considerable visual appeal, functionality and even environmental friendliness (the steel is not combined with plastic or other non-sustainable materials), the Merkur models are solidly constructed for the best shaving experience.