How To Use A Safety Razor

Maintain 30° degree angle

A 30° angle is important and easy for the razor to work and provide a close shave. If you make the angle too shallow you'll just be moving the glide along and if the angle is too high it's just the top. To make your life easier, we have selected the most experienced shaving brands from Germany and Japan, picked 3 razors which are all well designed in a manner that tries to encourage the correct blade angle. 

Use the weight of the head

To get a close shave you don't need much pressure, just put it in the right spot. Safety razor head is designed the way for a reason: to keep it close to the skin but don't push down on it. If you push you mess up the perfect angle, maintaining a flat shaving surface is the key.

Use with shaving gel

To help the razor run more smoothly along the shaving surface, slides easier and jumps less, use a soup-based shaving gel. The lather of a soup-based shaving gel stick around longer and soften your hair. The goal is to help the blade slide along your skin.

Keep the skin taut with short strokes 

It's easier to keep the 30° angle with shorter strokes. Skin surface are curvy meaning you have to continually change the angle Pull the skin taut and provide a flatter shaving surface. Once you have enough practise, you can run a longer stroke length to get a close and clean shave.

Clean and dry the blade

Remember to rinse the shaving gel off the blade. This will help extend the life of your blade. Change blades (or sharpen them) if it is getting a bit dull. Getting cut with a newer or sharper blade will make a smaller cut and it will heal more nicely.

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