Sharp & Durable: Feather Safety Razor & Blade

The Feather Safety Razor Company was started in 1932 and well-known for their DE blades for sharpness and quality. In recent years, Feather has largely turned to concentrate on professional tools, such as barber’s shears and medical tools. Their expertise in making precision medical tools in particular guides the manufacturing of razor blades. 

Sharpness: Feather's blade are crafted for an ideal shaving edge, which is made with the three-stage blade production (三段刃付) original by Feather with ultra fine grinding stone and finished with leather grinding, making the perfect shaving edge for your skin.

Durability: An atomic thin film of platinum alloy is deposited to the stainless steel blade through sputtering with resin coating to reduce friction. A DLC (diamond like carbon) coating is further applied to improve durability of their DE blade.