Safety Razor Goes with Natural Shaving & Skin Maintenance Products

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Hassle free all natural shaving

Smooth & comfortable

Shave at the surface of your skin, providing a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave.

Never clog

Rinses clean easily and quickly while multi-blade cartridge razor clog with hair and cream.

Long term saving

It costs fractions of the blade price. HK$5/blade vs HK$30/disposable cartridge razors blade

100% natural

Using only 100% natural ingredients. No need a PhD in chemistry to read our labels.

A Different Morning

Not the same Routine

Hassle-free skin maintenance experience with the best selected tools and our creations formulated with natural ingredients. 

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Good for your skin & environment

Safety razors reduce cutting inflammation, provide reliable cut with much less stress on the skin and it's plastic-free!

ECO-Friendly shaving

Minimize plastic waste in the bathroom

Go plastic-free

Not the same routine

Hassle-free skin maintenance deliver to you monthly


Curated for Healthy Skin

Design in Germany

For more than 120 years the MERKUR brand exists in Solingen. Primarily manufactured are sophisticated and high quality safety razors with double-edge blades Made in Germany.

Craft from Japan

Founded in 1932, Feather was the first Japanese corporation in razors manufacturing. Their precision sharpening technologies have earned them absolute trust in the field of razors, as well as professional medical care field.

All Natural Ingradients

Skin maintenance products formulated by Bathe to Basics, providing their best handmade eco-friendly all natural cleansing products for your personal needs.